The House of Prayer is supported entirely by donations. At the same time staff members of the House of Prayer have a group of personal partners who support them financially. This means you can contribute to the House of Prayer in two different ways:

1. Support an individual full time intercessory missionary:
We believe God wants to release people who desire to dedicate 100% of their time to intercede for our country and to build up 24/7 Houses of Prayer. Each of these full time staff members needs a group of supporters who enable him to lead this kind of life by donating regularly. Our staff members are willing to live on 500 € a month. However this means everyone needs 10 supporters who will donate 50 € per month, or 5 who will donate 100 € per month etc.
To realise our vision of 24/7 Prayer in Augsburg, we need at least 20 full time staff members. This again means we are looking for people who are willing to support them with 10, 25, 50 or 100 € per month.
If you desire to do so, please transfer the money to the bank account below and do not forget to mention the name of the staff member you would like to support.

Gebetshaus e.V.
KN: 2333430
BLZ: 75090300
Liga Bank

IBAN: DE07 7509 0300 0002 3334 30

2. Support the House of Prayer
We are renting a little shop in Augsburg Hochzoll, where the prayer sessions take place. Although it is only a small room we have to pay for rent, heating and electricity. Furthermore the House of Prayer Initiative needs to pay for printing, gas, office and internet. The monthly expenses are about 700 €. Your donation will help us to run and improve this ministry.
Initiative Gebetshaus e.V. is a non-profit association and is entitled to give contribution receipts, whether the donation is for the House of Prayer in general or whether it is for an individual staff member. Please write your address in the transfer form so we can send you a contribution receipt.

Visit us / Contact

The House of Prayer is open to public 24 hours a day on 365 days per year. Our House of Prayer is located in the center of Augsburg, just next to the "Messe Augsburg" (Trade Fair) - the location of our annual "MEHR conference" and is easily acessible by both car and public transportation. The closest airport is Munich, 1 hour away by car.

To get to the House of Prayer by car: Pilsenerstrasse 6, 86199 Augsburg

To get there by train: go to Augsburg Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and take the smaller train to Augsburg-Messe (just some minutes away). You can see the large "Gebetshaus"-sign from the train, it's just right next to the tracks.  

The House of Prayer does not offer accomodation, but our staff will be happy to help you to find accomodation in Augsburg. There are many restaurants and fast-food places in walking distance to the House of Prayer.  

For further information please contact: willkommen@gebetshaus.org


In the early 2000s a group of young charismatic Catholics got in touch with different streams of the prayer movement. Kim Kollin‘s „Burning Bush Initiative“, as well as IHOP Kansas City and „The Call“ served as triggers for their first steps in prayer chains, intercession nights, fasting weeks. In 2005 during a visit at IHOP the vision became clear to Jutta and Dr. Johannes Hartl: a 24-7 house of prayer with the spirituality of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement with a focus on ecumenism. Until then Johannes had been working at the Catholic faculty of systematic theology in Munich. In 2006 he started his full-time ministry establishing a house of prayer. Since then he and his family have been living by faith supported by a circle of friends and donators. 

Following prophetic guidance and the historic symbolism of the city the initiative was located in Augsburg in 2007, when daily prayer meetings started in May. Weekly meetings at the local Catholic parish church soon began to draw growing numbers of visitors. In 2008 a first own venue was rented and has been serving since then as the first prayer room. By 2010 around 50 hours per week will be covered by team prayer meetings. 15 full-time and 15 part- time staff members are determined to „keep the fire burning“ and are serving in the growing media section or welcoming guests. 

In 2010 our annual conference "MEHR" was visited by 400 people, it were 1000 people in 2011 and 2000 from 16 nations in 2012 - with christian radio stations and our webstream transmitting live to thousands of others. 

On September 19th 2011 the coal was reached: night and day prayer was established with 168 hours weekly covered. Right now Gebetshaus Augsburg holds 20 full-time and 70 part-time staff members. In May 2012 the House of Prayer moved to a new, large facility which was purchased from donations only. 

Other Houses of Prayer were inspired and founded by friends of the Gebetshaus Augsburg. There is a strong connection to emerging Houses of Prayer or groups intending to start one in Croatia, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.  

The next international MEHR-conference will be held in Augsburg Jan 3-6 2015


The call to prayer.

Welcome to Augsburg House of Prayer: 24/7 prayer in Germany


JAN 5-8 2017

The Augsburg House of Prayer is place where worship and prayer never stop. It started in 2005 and has grown rapidly since then. The main focus of our ministry is intercession and worship: day and night. Augsburg House of Prayer is the first place in Europe, where worship never stops 24/7. The House of Prayer is not a confraternity or a fellowship where people live together but basically just a center with a prayer room which is open to the public 168 hours per week. The House of Prayer is led by catholic theologian Dr. Johannes Hartl PhD. We have around 20 full-time "House of Prayer Missionaries", 80 volunteer staff memebers and numerous bible school students, interns etc. who help us to keep the fire burning. Christians from all different denominations join together to pray in unity.  
Augsburg House of Prayer has become a place of inspiration for many other Houses of Prayer in all of Europe. Up to 4000 people from all European nations come together for the annual MEHR (more) conference in Augsburg. Webstreaming and media from Augsburg House of Prayer reaches up to 100.000 people. The next MEHR-conference will be Jan 3-6 2015.  

House of Prayer - what is that?
I will fill them with joy, for my house will be called a House of Prayer for all nations. (adapted from Isaiah 56:7)
A place to meet God. A place where you can be transformed and bring transformation.

Very simply: Jesus is worthy of perpetual worship. Greater than the need for gas stations or police offices to be open 24/7 is the need for God to be exalted by day and by night. In the same time there is a constant urgency to pray without ceasing. As a prophetic voice we want to call back the church to her true identity: the Bride of Christ, that desires him to come back and establish rigtheousness on the earth as it is in heaven.  


Every day various two-hour prayer meetings take place that are open to visitors at any time. These prayer meetings are either intercession meetings where there is prayer for important issues or prayer times where passages from the Bible are used for meditation and prayer. There are also special meetings where personal prayer (for example for healing) is offered. In all meetings music, extemporaneous prayer and spontaneity are playing an important role. Because God´s presence is liberating, produces creativity and is fulfilling. About 90 of the 168 weekly hours are led by worship teams with singers and musicians. At other times quiet music from the HiFi is played and the intercessors engage in silent prayer or bible meditation. At all times there is prayer and a team of people in the room praying. And at all times the House of Prayer is a place to encounter God. 

Who is behind it?
The Initiative House of Prayer (Initiative Gebetshaus e.V.) is a movement within the Charismatic Renewal Movement of the Catholic Church. Because of the ecumenical openness, however, Christians from other denominations or non-denominational Christians feel at home, too, because prayer unifies all Christians. The initiative was founded in 2005 by Jutta and Johannes Hartl, Doctor of Divinity, Augsburg. 

Why all this?
Jesus taught his disciples to pray without ceasing. The Bible clearly promises: if his children diligently seek his presence and ask for his help, he will act on their behalf. God wants to heal people from sicknesses, bring revival to our churches and fellowships and he wants to change our nation. Houses of Prayer - Powerhouses of Prayer - can become the nucleus of God´s intervention in our world. We dream of Houses of Prayer in all larger cities of Germany, where the praises of God can be heard day and night - because he is worthy to be praised and to be loved day and night. 

Every Christian has a calling to pray. There are people, however, who have the calling to make prayer and intercession their main occupation. The House of Prayer wants to gather, support and send such people. Full-time prayer-missionaries are being sent out by other Christians like all missionaries and live 100% from the support of personal friends and donators. We believe that God wants to bring forth a considerable number of young prayer missionaries in Germany.

Who pays for all this?
The House of Prayer is supported by donations. Our bank account is:

Gebetshaus e.V.
IBAN: DE07 7509 0300 0002 3334 30

Intercessory Missionaries

We believe that in the same way as full time missionaries are called to preach the gospel, God is calling missionaries of intercession. A House of Prayer is a place, where people with a special calling for prayer are welcomed, trained and appointed. Just as Anna (Lk 2,36-37) spent her whole time preparing the Lord´s way by praying and fasting, we believe the Lord will raise up Annas again to prepare both revival and awakening in Europe, as well as the very Second Coming of Christ. 

An intercessory missionary at the House of Prayer, Augsburg prays 25 hours per week, 17 hours are scheduled for practical work. Every intercessory missionary lives 100% by faith, raising support from donators. 

At this time Augsburg House of Prayer has around 20 full-time House of Prayer Missionaries. 

A strong community of „GebetshausPartner“ - „House of Prayer Partners“ helps to fund both the House of Prayer as well as individual missionaries.