Intercessory Missionaries

We believe that in the same way as full time missionaries are called to preach the gospel, God is calling missionaries of intercession. A House of Prayer is a place, where people with a special calling for prayer are welcomed, trained and appointed. Just as Anna (Lk 2,36-37) spent her whole time preparing the Lord´s way by praying and fasting, we believe the Lord will raise up Annas again to prepare both revival and awakening in Europe, as well as the very Second Coming of Christ. 

An intercessory missionary at the House of Prayer, Augsburg prays 25 hours per week, 17 hours are scheduled for practical work. Every intercessory missionary lives 100% by faith, raising support from donators. 

At this time Augsburg House of Prayer has around 20 full-time House of Prayer Missionaries. 

A strong community of „GebetshausPartner“ - „House of Prayer Partners“ helps to fund both the House of Prayer as well as individual missionaries.