The House of Prayer is supported entirely by donations. At the same time staff members of the House of Prayer have a group of personal partners who support them financially. This means you can contribute to the House of Prayer in two different ways:

1. Support an individual full time intercessory missionary:
We believe God wants to release people who desire to dedicate 100% of their time to intercede for our country and to build up 24/7 Houses of Prayer. Each of these full time staff members needs a group of supporters who enable him to lead this kind of life by donating regularly. Our staff members are willing to live on 500 € a month. However this means everyone needs 10 supporters who will donate 50 € per month, or 5 who will donate 100 € per month etc.
To realise our vision of 24/7 Prayer in Augsburg, we need at least 20 full time staff members. This again means we are looking for people who are willing to support them with 10, 25, 50 or 100 € per month.
If you desire to do so, please transfer the money to the bank account below and do not forget to mention the name of the staff member you would like to support.

Gebetshaus e.V.
KN: 2333430
BLZ: 75090300
Liga Bank

IBAN: DE07 7509 0300 0002 3334 30

2. Support the House of Prayer
We are renting a little shop in Augsburg Hochzoll, where the prayer sessions take place. Although it is only a small room we have to pay for rent, heating and electricity. Furthermore the House of Prayer Initiative needs to pay for printing, gas, office and internet. The monthly expenses are about 700 €. Your donation will help us to run and improve this ministry.
Initiative Gebetshaus e.V. is a non-profit association and is entitled to give contribution receipts, whether the donation is for the House of Prayer in general or whether it is for an individual staff member. Please write your address in the transfer form so we can send you a contribution receipt.